What is an SR-22?

Most cautious drivers can go the entirety of their life without needing to know what an SR-22 form is and what it is needed for. Most people generally have an idea or vague notion that it has to do with car insurance, but there is a little more to it than that. For those of us who aren’t as cautious on the road, are a little forgetful at times, or are just plain unlucky, we need to know what the SR-22 is for and when we might need to file one.

What is it? The SR-22 isn’t necessarily insurance, but rather a form of verification. If you do not have car insurance and need to file an SR-22 form, then you will first have to purchase car insurance. If you already have it, then you will need to submit this form to your car insurance agency. What they will then do is send a form to the Secretary of State that lets the big guys know that you have proper coverage. What this is meant to do is make sure that any at-risk drivers (more on that in a bit) have the proper coverage. While an SR-22 doesn’t necessarily mean a type of insurance, your current coverage may have to be extended or your new coverage might be more expensive, depending on the particular company and your driving record.

Who needs it? Drivers who are considered to be at-risk are the ones who will have to file an SR-22. Drivers can be considered as at-risk when they are charged with a DUI, have an accident without insurance, or have more than three moving violations within one year. Part of your ‘punishment’ for these crimes will be filing at SR-22, to make sure that you have enough coverage. If your license was revoked or suspended, then an SR-22 will also be necessary to have this lifted so you can continue driving legally.

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