Is Paraquat Used On Golf Courses?

Is Paraquat Used On Golf Courses?

For many years, golf courses in groundskeeping have utilized Paraquat as a weed killer. But on the other hand, Paraquat use is now prohibited on golf courses by the EPA. The highly potent herbicide is classified as a “Restricted Use” substance, and applicators must be certified.

Paraquat is a broad-spectrum herbicide that effectively controls most annual and perennial weeds. It works by causing visible injury within hours of application, followed by the death of the plant. Because it is non-selective, Paraquat will kill any green plant it contacts.

Paraquat is a restricted use herbicide due to its high toxicity. It is commonly used as a weed killer on golf courses, but the EPA has now prohibited its use on these grounds.

Who can get exposed to Paraquat in Golf Courses?

Golfers, groundskeepers, and people living near golf courses can get exposed to Paraquat on golf courses. Golfers can be exposed if they contact the herbicide in the system or ingest it by accident.

Groundskeepers can be exposed when applying the herbicide or when it drifts onto their skin or clothes. People

At and around golf courses, persons who might be exposed to Paraquat include:

  • Golf course groundskeepers
  • Golf course staff
  • Golfers
  • Those living near golf courses are potentially exposed to paraquat drift or runoff.

What do golf courses use to keep the grass green?

Golf courses use a variety of products to keep grass green. Some of these products may contain Paraquat.

If you are concerned about exposure to Paraquat, avoid contact with herbicides and other chemicals used on golf courses. Wash your hands thoroughly after any contact and remove any clothing that has come into contact with herbicides.

Paraquat is a restricted use herbicide due to its high toxicity. It is commonly used as a weed killer on golf courses, but the EPA has now prohibited its use on these grounds.

Can living by a golf course put you at risk for paraquat exposure?

In a letter published in the journal Annals of Neurology, Margaret Parrish and Robert Gardner proposed a link between Parkinson’s disease and living downwind of a golf course.

Such limited research may not be sufficient to establish a link between the two, but it raises critical issues about the possible causes of progressive neurological disease.

The loss of specific nerve cells in the brain called substantia nigra causes Parkinson’s disease. Dopamine-containing neurons in this part of the brain communicate via neurotransmission, and when they gradually decay or die, voluntary movement is negatively impacted.


If you are concerned about exposure to Paraquat, avoid contact with herbicides and other chemicals used on golf courses. Wash your hands thoroughly after any contact and remove any clothing that has come into contact with herbicides—looking to file a lawsuit? can help you find the best lawyer for your needs.

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2021 Hairstyle Trends to Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve

2021 Hairstyle Trends to Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve

We all want to look good, but it’s hard when you’re not sure what style will be popular in the coming months. So we’ve gone ahead and researched for you! The following blog post includes a few of our favorite hairstyles from Therapy Hair Studio that are trending right now so that you can stay ahead of the curve and look good this season.

Blonde balayage is a less drastic version of the usual root touch-up. It can be used on any hair color, and it looks like you’re just highlighting your natural blonde strands with some subtle lightening. The lighter colors look great against darker skin tones and brunette shades – so if anyone in your family has dark brown or black hair, this would make them stand out even more!

This year is likely to witness an increase in volume for short hairstyles. This means adding curls to long locks and shorter cuts being given more body by using volumizing products such as spray mousses or additional layers of styling product near the roots. These styles create a lot of movement without having to go for the full-blown curly look.

Waves are a type of hairstyle that often gets overlooked because they seem kind of basic, but they’re actually pretty chic! They can be done with all hair lengths, and in any color combination you like. We recommend using a volumizing product on your roots if it’s too limp or flat before styling.

The latest trend when it comes to bangs is going back to basics: straight across cuts or blunt fringe styles are making waves on mainstream media and among celebrities who have been seen rocking them everywhere from red carpets to casual day out sessions as well as runway shows.

The last recommendation on this list is the lob, which is a cut that goes just below your shoulders and has one side curled over to give it some volume when styled with waves. The bob, which can be worn short or long as well as straight or wavy depending on your mood – we predict this will be a popular style option for those with short hair who want some variety.

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How to Decide the Best Time of Day to Post on Social Media

How to Decide the Best Time of Day to Post on Social Media

Do you know the best time of day to post on social media? The answer is not as simple as it seems. Several factors can have an impact on what times work best for your business. For example, if you sell products or services that cater to different demographics, there may be certain times when one demographic has more free time. Similarly, there may also be certain days or even seasons where people are busier and will need your content more at those specific times.

To help you figure out the best time to post for your company, we took some data from Hootsuite and analyzed three popular networks: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Facebook: The data suggests that the best time to post on Facebook is between 12 p.m. and 11 a.m., with Wednesday being the day when posts get shared most often, according to Hootsuite’s report.

Twitter: Tweets reach the most people around noon local time, so posting at this point will likely have your tweet seen by more of your followers in their own free times throughout the day or night (depending on where they are). On average, Tuesday has been shown as one of Twitter’s top tweeting days, but it may vary depending on what types of content you’re sharing.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn users engage with organic content during business hours – Monday through Friday from approximately eight a.m until six p.m., according to Hootsuite’s report except for Thursday, when engagement rates are a bit lower in the morning and afternoon – but picks up again from seven p.m. until nine p.m.

That being said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that will work for everyone on every social media platform, so we’d recommend trying what works best for your business or seeing which times of day garner a better response from your followers.

The best you can do in such a scenario is outsource your social media management services to a third-party agency like PEAK Outsourcing that has years of experience and can get you desired results month after month. Doing so will not only speed up your company’s online growth but also give you enough free time to focus on other important business operations.

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Why Some Car Accident Claims End Up in Court: An Excellent Explanation

Why Some Car Accident Claims End Up in Court: An Excellent Explanation

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? If so, then you’re probably aware that some of them end up in court. Why is that, and what can you do to prevent it from happening to your claim? Read our excellent explanation to find out!

The first thing to know about some car accidents is that not every claim ends up there. In fact, for most cases, it’s so long as you have a legitimate issue, then your chances are good that it will end amicably with little or no involvement from the courts at all.

So what happens when things don’t go smoothly, and why do some accidents lead to legal proceedings?

It really boils down to who caused the wreck – if one driver was clearly more negligent than another and they can be pinned as such during an investigation, then their chances of being found liable for any damages might increase, too. If this turns out to be accurate, there may be a chance that those involved in filing a complaint against them would take the case to court.

When it comes down to filing a claim for car accidents, there are ways that you can try and avoid ending up in court at all. For one thing, if you’re able to settle with your insurance company without legal proceedings, then this would be by far the best option for everyone involved – especially when their offers have been fair enough throughout the process.

If not, then those who felt wronged might want to get the help of a car accident lawyer for sale as soon as possible, so they know what rights they have. The next steps will depend on how long ago this happened (state laws vary). The other way is really just avoiding any accidents altogether! That may sound like some kind of New Year’s resolution, but it also makes sense logically.

Now you know why some car accidents end up in court and what to do if your claim ends up there. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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Micronutrients: The Miracle Workers in Your Diet

Micronutrients: The Miracle Workers in Your Diet

You can’t see them, you can’t taste them, but micronutrients are essential for your health. What are they? These substances play a vital role in the function of your body and its development.

Micronutrients include many vitamins and minerals that work together to promote good health. They help regulate metabolism, maintain healthy skin, produce red blood cells – just to name a few!

What Are Micronutrients?

Micronutrients are nutrients that the body needs in small amounts and can either not produce on its own or cannot get enough of from food intake alone. Micronutrients include vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

There are 13 essential micronutrients that the body needs to stay healthy and to function properly:

  • Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K
  • Minerals calcium, chloride, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc
  • The amino acids histidine

How To Include Micronutrients In Your Diet?

The key to good health is getting the right amount of micronutrients. I Am Clovis says that some people may need more than others, depending on age and other factors like pregnancy or breastfeeding. In general, you can include these micronutrient-rich foods in your diet for great results.

Strawberries: This antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food are full of vitamin C, folate, potassium, fiber. One serving has only 30 calories!

Salmon: Eat this protein-rich food for Omega-three fatty acids, which helps to reduce inflammation in the body. It also contains selenium which protects cells from damage.

Avocado: This fruit is full of monounsaturated fats, which help lower your bad cholesterol levels and improve blood pressure. It also has vitamin E, potassium, iron, magnesium, and folate! It’s a Powerhouse with only 160 calories in one serving.

Vegetables: Choose from broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, or bok choy. They are packed full of vitamin C and fiber!

Nuts: Almonds, for example, have omega-three fatty acids, which reduce inflammation in the body and help to lower bad cholesterol levels. Nuts also contain healthy fat that is good for your heart health.

You can start having all these food items regularly to get all the necessary micronutrients that your body needs and add any good superfood supplements along with them for better results.

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