2021 Hairstyle Trends to Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve

2021 Hairstyle Trends to Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve

We all want to look good, but it’s hard when you’re not sure what style will be popular in the coming months. So we’ve gone ahead and researched for you! The following blog post includes a few of our favorite hairstyles from Therapy Hair Studio that are trending right now so that you can stay ahead of the curve and look good this season.

Blonde balayage is a less drastic version of the usual root touch-up. It can be used on any hair color, and it looks like you’re just highlighting your natural blonde strands with some subtle lightening. The lighter colors look great against darker skin tones and brunette shades – so if anyone in your family has dark brown or black hair, this would make them stand out even more!

This year is likely to witness an increase in volume for short hairstyles. This means adding curls to long locks and shorter cuts being given more body by using volumizing products such as spray mousses or additional layers of styling product near the roots. These styles create a lot of movement without having to go for the full-blown curly look.

Waves are a type of hairstyle that often gets overlooked because they seem kind of basic, but they’re actually pretty chic! They can be done with all hair lengths, and in any color combination you like. We recommend using a volumizing product on your roots if it’s too limp or flat before styling.

The latest trend when it comes to bangs is going back to basics: straight across cuts or blunt fringe styles are making waves on mainstream media and among celebrities who have been seen rocking them everywhere from red carpets to casual day out sessions as well as runway shows.

The last recommendation on this list is the lob, which is a cut that goes just below your shoulders and has one side curled over to give it some volume when styled with waves. The bob, which can be worn short or long as well as straight or wavy depending on your mood – we predict this will be a popular style option for those with short hair who want some variety.

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